Monday, May 14, 2012

It's a girl, again.

She arrived at six thirty this morning. I knew she was on her way for her mom, Meagan, had sunk in flanks yesterday morning and last night her bag filled tight. That meant I missed some sleep last night checking on her.

The problem with today is that it is the 152 day. That must mean that Meagan didn't take on the day I put her in with the buck but the next day instead. Meagan's mom and grandma both always have their kids on the 151 day and I can't see her being any different.

I like the fact that Meagan kidded at 6:30 am because that means she will likely do the same thing next year and the year after. Or near that time. That is a whole lot better because I have all day to work with the little ones if need be. And I needed it today. Meagan had her doeling and then figured she was done, or that is what I'm guessing, because she didn't mother the kid. You know, lick it and ma... sweet nothings. She completely ignored it and left it covered in afterbirth shivering in the early morning air.
Luckily, I had arrived within minutes of the birth and wrapped the little doeling up in a warm towel snuggling it close. Getting colostrum into a little one within a short time after birth is critical to survival so I tried to convince mom and the little one to co-operate but that wasn't happening. For one thing there wasn't enough milk down in the small teats to squirt into the doelings mouth and getting the teat in her mouth, holding the doe still, and working milk down from the bag was way too much to accomplish on my own.

So I put Meagan on the milking stand and from their, filled the bottle. The little one ate 3/4th's of it and then settle down along with her mom for a nap. I arrived again at 2:30 hoping the wait had allowed them time to get it together both acting in their naturally assigned roles. Nope, so I put Meagan on the stand and helped the doeling nurse. She finished off with a bottle I'd partially filled from her mom.  At six she didn't want to nurse but took a bottle.

In just a few minutes I'll feed the baby once more before nighty night and snuggle in myself for a good nights sleep. Boy do I need it. Hopefully tomorrow the two will have spent enough time together in the stall and the doeling will be nursing off her mom without my assistance. First time mothers can be pretty dumb but with a little help, usually they catch on. 

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