Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Grass is Worse Than Your Grass

 Ever been in love with a weed. Think I'm crazy? Well, it's true. There is this weed I call a button weed and it has short roots and it pulls up easy. It's my friend. No, really, when I see this weed I have the warm fuzzies for it. I think it is because of the this, this in the picture above). This despicable grass - weed is the bane of my garden making that button weed dreamy. Don't laugh, until you have met this grass. I'd bet, if I was a better, that my grass is worse than your grass.

 It is not in the new section of garden, thankfully, but it is just a matter of time before it finds it's way over here.
 This grass isn't like just any ole grass.
This grass has roots that go on forever. They can grow to several feet long. How can you pull up something with roots this long? If you have a solution. You are my gardening savior.

Yes, I could use a weed killer but then there goes my organic garden and in comes the thing I've been trying to avoid - dangerous pesticides. I get enough of those from the food I buy at the grocery store. 

So... instead, I pull the grass and try to keep ahead of it during the summer to allow the vegetables to grow. If I lived in the country, I'd put stock on it during the spring and fall. I'd think of it as taking a lemon and making lemonade or at least making a problem more useful. Alas, towns people look down on goats in my backyard. The place I can't wait to have them. Just a short distance out back and handy, not 3/4's of a mile as the crow flies. 

I have something to look forward to on the new place, where ever I may be - all new weed problems. Because face it, weeds are plant you don't want and that could includes daisies if they take over somewhere you don't want them. At least they would be pretty weeds.

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