Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nearly Blossomless, Why?

 I've been wondering why my apple trees aren't loaded with fruit blossoms, just a smattering of white here and some there. Just enough to entice these beautiful butterflies. 
 I of course looked up why I might not be having many blossoms especially since last year it was the same story. I figured there was a reason. Most apple trees, minus crab apple, blossom heavily every other year in this country. If you can find an apple tree that is. My guess is with the poor soil, it takes a couple years to build up before giving birth to apples.

My research revealed the following reasons for my trees not blooming.
1. They are too old or too young. (Next, because that definitely isn't the problem.)
2. There isn't another apple tree to breed to. (Nope, there is two other trees and one is a crab apple which blooms every year.)
3. There needs to be a cold winter to put the trees into a dormant stage. (Check, our was mild but sufficient and not so cold that is stressed the trees.)
4. Finally, make sure there is plenty of fertilizer, especially nitrogen. (That is where I think my problem lies. I didn't pile manure around the base of each tree nor give them any other fertilizer as I usually do.) 
You know what I'll be doing this summer. By the way, have you seen enough of the butterflies? Not me, and I'll be out today photographing once more if the sun comes out. We finally had a good rain so I'm not complaining. With no irrigation in this country, we are dependent on Mother Nature and she hasn't been generous, in fact she's been rather miserly. 
The butterflies weren't the only visitor to the blossoms. Bumble bees were buzzing about too. I have this thing for them. I wish one of them would take a fancy to me and invite me home. I'd love to see where and how they live. Will this brain ever quit? LOL Probably not. 

Oh yeah, I published over at The Calico Bush about creating a flower button out of bark mammoth ivory. Check it out.

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