Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Battery Organizer

My daughter is really big into Pinterest and she keeps saying "Mom, you've got to see this cool thing." So I'm now spending a little time on Pinrerest just to keep up the conversation. Not a lot of time as I've not got it, especially when I'm spending my time talking to computer techs about my viral protector that somehow decided that my blogs were dangerous and blocked me out.

Yup, that happened yesterday just when I was preparing to talk to you. It took until today to get it settled because the tech last night said it was impossible. That's me, the one that always does the impossible. The tech took a look for himself today and had to uninstall the program and reinstall it because though I may stretch the truth a little to make a good story, I really really try not to lie.
 So this is what I was so... excited about yesterday and wanted to tell you. I saw something like this on Pinterest and since we had to be in town yesterday anyway, I picked up another fishing tackle organizer. I'm beginning to have a collection of them.

This is what the batteries were in before. Organized by Ziploc bags, if you can call it organize. So when I saw the idea on Pinterest, I was nabbed. I love organization and life has been in a whirl of  just hang on with our daughter and her difficult pregnancy and premature arrive of our grand daughter plus, the care of my parents. Now sitting in the middle of the dirt and clutter left behind, I'm craving order.

Order is what allows me to get far more done and keeps me from spending time looking for things like those way cool green mammoth buttons I made and tucked somewhere safe. Grrr....
 So knowing that a house really never stays clean more than a few minutes if the cupboards are not clean, because you have no where to put the clutter,  I find myself digging into cupboard after cupboard instead of mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms. So don't drop by unannounced, you might be shocked for I'll have to show you my cupboards to prove I'm really not such a bad housekeeper after all. The problem is it has become an addiction.

Seriously, I can't stop. I was just talking to the daughter, who has discovered Pinterest, and I spied my messy book case with the children's hand prints on the glass. I couldn't help myself, I had to clean it while we talked and kept going until I was done. 

I would love to have one of those places with a place for everything and everything in its place but I have too many things and too little space. So... that is a motivation to remove that which I don't need and by rearranging it I know what I end up with will fit into a much smaller place. 

Look at the batteries for example. I can now fit my light bulbs and my batteries in the same space I once had a couple boxes of light bulbs and my batteries. I found several more boxes of bulbs tucked here and there in the cupboard and the thought that I was low on light bulbs has been proven false, REALLY FALSE.  Batteries, on the other hand, we could use a few more for winter chores coming up. We use lots of flashlights in the winter to do our work after dark.
One of the most awesome things about these tackle organizers is how many things you can put in them. I have two for buttons and can conceive that one more will be needed in the future.

 I've started collecting beads as I want to make stitch markers for my knitting.  

For years I've had a little tackle container to keep my earrings in. Yes, that's it folks, the sum of my earrings. Not much of a jewelry person.
And of course I have a couple boxes of flies for fly fishing. How I'd love to go fishing.

As for that extra tackle container I came home with, well I'm thinking I should transfer my smaller saftey pins and sewing machine needles and.... hmm... I'd better just go and do that. See... I just can't help myself.

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