Saturday, July 21, 2012

Part Two - Artist's Conference

This is my favorite thing at the whole show, well, except my hubby that is. I'm kind of a plain Jane and I like things I can use. Not things that sit out and need dusted because I just don't have the space in our small home and the time.
 Admitedly, I don't have a fire place either, just a free standing stove but if I could afford this, I'd have it as part of a staircase or decoration arched over a doorway or..... or.... or... Yeah, I'm in love with pine coney things.
 I loved this too, in my quirky personality.  I a rather complex person. I could decorate numerous homes in different styles and love it. Would I necessarily live in them? No, but I'd love doing the decortaing. I thought about that as a career but didn't want to mess with having to please others.

This sculpture slash light makes me think midevel period. Can't you just see this sconce on a stone garage with a castle like house?
The metal is in twig and deer horn shapes entertwined to shape a horse. This would be in my garden or out by the stables at my log home. You know, the one in my imagination that goes with the other stone house of mine that lives there.
 And all my doors would have fancy latches.
This would have to be at my stone home, but it isn't really my taste. It is cool though.

And there you have another round of a few of the things we have seen at this artist's conference. Got to run. We demonstrate in just a couple hours.

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