Monday, July 23, 2012

Home At Last

Back home to our drought stricken plains. It feels so... good to be home though the view is very disturbing. What will the poor wild animals do come winter?
 Around us yesterday, I saw rain fall on the horizon but not a drop for us. We can but pray that the Lord will grant this parched land a drink in the near future.

The heads you see peeking up from the prairie are antelope gazing at me and our garden. They must wish they were inside and it will become a problem I'm sure in the near future.
It is a jungle in there.
The weeds are as prolific as the vegetable plants. There is a pepper plant peeking out from this mess, I promise. Can you find it amongst the weeds.? The poor garden has only been weeded once this summer. Things have had to be let go as I cared for my parents.
There care took a great deal of my time.  

My older sister graciously took over with my brother's help. Things aren't going well. Let's just say that if you ignore problems they don't go away. They may hide for a time but they will surface with a vengeance.

For now, I have a period of time to try and catch up a bit on chores and begin our preparations for winter.
Despite the weeds, I had a bumper crop of peas today. They almost filled a large bowl. With a general amount put aside for supper, I was able to put eight cups away in bags for winter. Tomorrow morning I will weed them and those pods playing hide and seek will hopefully give us another meal tomorrow night.

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