Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm Better. I've Had My Happy Pill

You might think I'm joking but I"m not. I'm much better mostly because of this little pill. One of my BEST friends. When I realized my flu had pretty much left and I still could hardly get myself to leave the confines of the bedroom with its Hulu and Netflix capability, I knew it had struck. Yup, I was deeply depressed. Not as in whoa is me kind of depressed but a chemical imbalance that strikes my sister and I. Hence, we have dubbed this little pill, which is really just the amino acid Tyrosine, our Happy Pill because it does such wonders for our mood.

It doesn't work for all hypothyroid patients because my daughter tried it and it didn't work for her. But for me, one little pill and within a few hours I feel the effects. I'm happier. My depression did not stem from my not taking this pill but my thyroid and adrenals are really not happy and so I needed to take more than the one pill. L-tyrosine is the amino acid that starts the whole thyroid production where iodine joins in. Most people take Synthroid but for me that isn't enough. I need the T-4's and a fair amount of T-3's which brings my dismimal body temperatures from hypothermia to almost normal.  
The result of taking  two pills yesterday was my hubby got this for breakfast a delicious fruit smoothy. I make mine with yogurt, fruit, and ice cubes. The yogurt is wonderful in that it adds nutrition along with giving the whole thing a smooth, silky texture. Don't skimp on the yogurt. I should have used three yogurts instead of two when I used a quart of strawberries. The four ice cubes was plenty but adjust the ingredients to fit your taste. The yogurt I used was peach from Yoplait.

No, I haven't been making my own yogurt since my folks came and then I was just too depressed. But watch out, I'm happy and I'm going to return to my old busy bee self.

But back to the fruit smoothy. If you are adding store yogurt, it's already sweet so you don't need to add anymore sugar. If the fruit you are choosing is a little tart,  throw in a banana. They have lots and lots of sugar in them and a good way to use those that are turning a bit brown. I throw bananas that are turning into the freezer to use not only in banana cake and bread but for fruit smoothies.
While I'm talking good for you, don't forget the omega-3 juice. I can't handle fish oil,. It not only tastes horrible but I have allergic reactions so I use flax oil. Not a cheap addition to your diet but we've had pretty impressive results on our health fair blood tests. It's more about the balance between your HDL's and your LDL's than just trying to lower your cholesterol numbers. We've had elevated LDL's because both our bodies require a large amount of protein and because our HDL's were so high, it negates any risk from the LDL's. We take ours in a small glass of juice. I'm too big a baby to just drink down the oil.

Since breakfast was scant, we had T-bone steak for lunch. Lots of LDL's in that, except ours is grass fed. And we love summer squash and zucchini grilled. A little, well, maybe more than that, of butter spread on top and sprinkled with garlic salt and then grilled beside the steaks. Yum, Yum!!!

Toss on the plate a generous helping of freshly picked and steamed green beans, slices of cucumber and we were in heaven, gastericly.

I'd separated milk that morning and so for supper, it was cream biscuits, left over steak sliced thin and added to some cooked roast I had in the freezer, gravied of course to put over the biscuits. To add color, we had sliced fresh cherry tomatoes, and I'd roasted some small potatoes in the oven in a cast iron pot. They had been slice, tossed with olive oil, and sprinkled with fresh parsley and garlic salt.

Yup, my husband is more than happy to support my Happy Pill needs.

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