Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Goats Babysitting Again

Babysat 37 hours between Monday and Tuesday and well, it's hard to get much done with three little ones.
I have to admit I often stick our youngest grand daughter into the goat's pen and fasten the gate to corral her and ask the does to watch over her please while I feed Pedro, the beef, Bess, the horse which I've yet to get a chance to ride this summer, and the chickens. Yup, it isn't easy to do chores with little ones.
The girls do love the little goats.
This will have to be brief because of all the back log of chores to be done with having the grand kids for so many hours. I have to go find the dehorning iron and elasticator dohicky for the little buck. Yup, we haven't done that yet and I didn't want to with the kids around. It is my most dreaded task. I trimmed the does feet with the kids in the pen yesterday. Chicory stepped on our youngest grand daughters foot and she cried. The kids and I were in a pretty grouchy mood as I tried to accomplish a little more than the bare minimium chores. I'm getting frustrated.

This morning bright and real early I weed eated the corral area before the kids came. There is lots and lots of that with an apiary yard to weed eat, the corrals, and our yard. So much to do and so much I can't do with the kids in tow. Hopefully tonight our daughter will be home early enough that Kirk and I can sneak off alone to do the dirty deed of banding the buck and burning the horns.

But for now I had better go look for the equiptment as I don't want the kids down in that room since it also houses the kitty litter box and the.... and the.... you get the idea. Then maybe I can do a little work on the garden before they wake up. Probably hopeful thinking. The dishes and messy kitchen will just have to wait. I can do lots of it while holding our littlest one.

So as usual this won't be edited well but one has to do what one has to do. Sorry, hopefully all the mistakes give you a good laugh because right now its all I can do to get a blog up.

Thanks so much for following my posts. I'm going to start a new thing where instead of answering the comments by e-mail, unless it needs a personal reply, I'll notify you that I've replied on the appropriate post.

I mixed up the custard with the lemon/rose pedal jam for ice cream and it's chilling in the fridge. Tomorrow I'll post the results as I make ice cream with it today. I've also a batch of cheese cake ice cream custard chilling to make as this weekend we're celebrating Kirk's birthday. I have to do a little each day to get ready even though its only a few family members that will be present. Which reminds me I had better get the pie dough mixed today so I can make pies tomorrow. If I don't peice meal things I never get anything done being a full time grandma and sitter.

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