Monday, July 19, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty, NOT!

The computer expert is at it again. She managed to shut down our speakers and engage eight programs at the same time all withing a extremely brief period of time. Of course if I tried her method the keyboard would be headed for the trash. (Yes, she was standing on the keys and stopping up and down while maneuvering the mouse. One can't get mad when she's just so proud of everything she gets in to. "I did it." is her favorite reply with a grin that would melt the hardest heart. Yup, she's at the age when exploration takes up every moment of the day except those when she's snuggling with Grandma or playing rough house with Grandpa.

And sometimes I think we aren't too smart as she gets in to things we really should of thought to keep out of reach. But she's not the only one getting in to things. We had a black and white kitty in the garage. The kind with a distinct waddle and a white stripe down its back. Really it was our fault. We'd left the cat food and water outside as Sir Reginald Stewart has been spending almost all his time outside. Normally, his cat food is down stairs out of reach from our youngest grand daughter who loves to mix the cat food into the water dish. The basement isn't finished and we don't take her down there unless she's in our arms. Thus we spend lots of time opening the basement door for the cat and closing it so the grand daughter doesn't go down stairs.

We thought since all the houses moved in on the other side of the hill, we were safe from the skunks that use to come in. You know like we no longer have 6 or 7 bull and rattlesnakes in the yard anymore. Yeah, well that theory was just proved wrong so inside the dishes came.
At the corrals we have the same problem. We feed barn cats that aren't really ours or anyones as they are either born there or wonder in when the numbers are low and the mice plentiful. We do some tending to them by feeding some cat food in the hay barn to entice a few to stick around. Not too much food as we want the cats to be a bit hungry so they'll want to look for mice. And not too much so there's some left over sitting in the dish at night to lure skunks in.

When I was growing up, skunks were drawn in by cat food or dog food too. Seems somethings never change. I remember many a night when my dad went outside with a flashlight and a 22 to try and get rid of a pesky critter. It wasn't easy and they are sly beggars. Most of the time we never saw them but the distinct perfume that was left waifing in the air led us to know they had been there. You see, once they've found a free food buffet, they'll stick around to find out what else you have to offer.
Why all the big fuss? Rabies!! They are the main carrier around here for the disease and it isn't fun trying to get rid of the smell when they've fumigated your favorite cat or dog disagrees with them eating out of their dish or they just grow curious. I did hear of a good mixture to rid your pet of the smell, Dawn dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda, all mixed together. Tomato juice sure doesn't work.

Saturday night, I'm really glad we didn't have to find out since Reginald obeyed when called. He came into the garage and instead of continuing on his path toward the corner where the skunk was hiding out, he came inside as called. Curiosity may not kill the cat but he sure wouldn't smell nice.

I bet some of you have some tells to tale about a skunk or two.

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