Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where Do I Begin?

My father is out of ICU and home doing much better. Our daughter has started a second job this week and though it will help a great deal with the finances, it also means grandma is busier than ever. The youngest grand daughter is no longer running a high fever and is sleeping quite alot so that is helping. Thank you for your kind words and kinds thoughts. I know they were heard as many wonderful blessings came our way this week.
Oh, how I've missed you and writing and I've so much to tell you and so many pictures to share that I don't hardly know where to begin so I guess I'll start at the beginning, the weekend with our daughter. That's her on the far left though you probably figured that out. Each year my husband and I go down for a little cultural refinement. We really do enjoy art but have little chance to enjoy it because of time restraints and locality.

So on our agenda this past weekend we went to Celestial Seasoning. A yearly trip to stock up on herbal teas or infusions if you wish to be more correct. It's less expensive buying from the factory and I get to see the new products they have. One must be aware that the store does not stock all of what they make just what's being produced at the time of year you visit. I'm lucky and that means pretty much what we drink, cool fruit infusions in the summer and a different selection of warm infusions in the winter. The factory is pretty slow this time of year as people just don't buy many teas and herbal drink products in the summer.

Then we went to the Leaning Tree art gallery just down the road. They are a popular western card company and they have a good sized art gallery.

Outside are a few bronze sculptures but what captured our attention was this sculpture. How facinating!!! Junk art isn't often my thing but this horse was like looking inside a children's Highlight magazine and trying to look for hidden object. If it hadn't of been so hot outside, I could of stood for quite sometime studying area by area.
The sign beneath said to the effect that if your missing something it might be here wasn't kidding. I didn't expect to see a shoe making piece.And the furniture leg wheel made me smile as it sat next to the trap.Missing a pick ax anyone?or an old pair of scissors? Maybe your missing an old fan.There was everything from a cast iron skillet to a muffin tin and lots of wrenches...

Even and old stove door found it's way onto the horse. It didn't matter if it was once at home on an old farm, in the kitchen, the yard, or a piece of machinery, it found a creative place with this masterful artist.

I've rarely seen a piece of scrap art that was so well done and never something so diversified in scraps used and yet executed with some artistic style. If you get a chance stop by the art gallery it's free and well worth the time.

Then it was off to the wool shop for some llama wool and buttons. I was really just looking for buttons as they have a lovely selection I can't find elsewhere around here. Not that I have time to do anything with the wool or buttons but a girl has to dream and leasure activities is what I long for. Of course since it was Artist Friday on Pearl street, that was our next stop with lots of entertainment and artists in the stores promoting their products.

The next day, we spent five hours in the Denver Art Museum as it was free being the first Saturday of the month. Can you tell we try to econimize when possible. How else can I afford those cool buttons and wool? Oh yeah, didn't tell you about the two mushroom books we bought. Kirk and I have been dreaming of growing mushrooms. Figure it is a year or two away but we've got to educate ourselves and we're going to start a plot going with wood shavings, manure ect. at the end of the summer. No mushrooms don't grow voluntarily in our area. Let me rephrase that. None poisonous mushrooms that I know of don't grow here and there aren't many of those volunteering either. Go a couple hundred miles and yes, I know people that pick good mushrooms on years with the right weather. We on the other hand want to grow some in our own yard and encourage the right kind of weather artificially as much as possible. So if you are a mushroom expert, I'd love to visit with you.

Sorry, side tracked easily these days. I was talking about the museum. It has seven floors on one side and three on the other. We hurried through the seven and paid to see a King Tut exhibit that had just opened. My husband was enthralled and spend a long time gazing at the jewelry and stone works.

When we weren't visiting art exhibits, Toni and I were out photographing flowers in the neighborhood.

Stay tuned, I'm making one more batch of rose petal jam tonight and then I'll tell you how the changes went. This will be my third time. I've also some cool pictures of the bees as Monday after babysitting duty I went out and pulled every box off. The new brood chamber frames had arrived and that meant a complete rearranging. I'll try and blog this weekend to try and make up.

Being the good little wife that I am, I'm going to a concert with my spouse several hours away this weekend. Our son was suppose to go with him but he ended up in a national rescue team competition and has left for Nevada. That leaves me - the non noise, no crowds person. Kirk said I could wear ear plugs as long as I tucked them inside my ears and hung my hair over them. As for the crowds, I'll close my eyes like I did at the museum. Yes at the museum I paced the floors and then sat with my eyes closed for a while to block out the over stimulating environment while our daughter and Kirk went at a much slower pace.

Autism is the PITS!!!

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