Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Good Bit Accomplished

Thank you, thank you for your prayers!!! The kids arrived home safe and boy did I miss them. They must of missed me too by the way their faces lit up and the tons of hugs I got.

While they were gone, I was working on their room. It is quite small and a set of bunk beds and a twin bed without a frame fit in an L-shape in the room which means the L is wall to wall beds. So I wanted to do a design that was cheerful but not busy. What I came up with was a lovely yellow color with a sage band that was left over paint from the bathroom and bright white flowers on top.

I've got the white part of the flowers painted and the yellow in the centers which isn't shown since I haven't taken a photo yet.

Now I need to figure out how to accent the flowers with a few black lines. No, I've never had art class so this is a real stretch for me. Still with some bright very simple quilts, I've yet to make, I think the room will be a bright welcome for the kids as they are here seven days a week most weeks. Also in the day and a half while they were gone, I made a trip to the next town over to shop, tore down and stacked fence, and rototilled the new section of garden. Whoo, hoo, I've been trying to get the manure on it and get it rototilled for a month now. Even though I can't plant much of anything else with the time left with the season, I can plant buckwheat. That should give the spot a good start on next year. The greenhouse section here is not new but the last two years the crop was poor so I did a major overhaul on the dirt. Haven't put up plastic on it in years as I'm hoping for a new frame. A better frame. With the weather turning colder, I'd better get something done though because summers aren't as warm as they once were. Before that it was much like it is now.

The section by the fence and along to the right is new.This is a picture of the garden. I wanted to plant in rectangular beds but alas, did not have time to figure them out. Also, I planted everything with wide paths which I never do but I knew I wouldn't have time to care for the garden like I ususally do. Note the tiny tomato plant, Glacier, in the foreground and the much larger Roma and Long Keepers in the background behind the beans. My husband hasn't quit commenting on how he misses the zuchini and squash plants. OOPs! I should have made room for them instead of big wide paths. Last year the paths weren't nearly wide enough with extra large plants but this year with all the extra manure the plants are much smaller. The garden should really produce next year with time for the micro-organisms to multiply and the worms to do their thing with so much food for them.
Red Currants

Some of the currants are ready to pick but I'm headed out with the kids to Colorado tomorrow so they will just have to hold on till I get back. I cut this poor bush back in half this spring because it had very few berries last year and usually it's loaded like it is now. So loaded it can't hold itself up off the ground. My neighbor wants the berries. I've used them for years despite the fact we really aren't that fond of them. What I'd rather have in this spot is a cherry tree so that is what I'm going to do next year if possible. I do plan on asking for a few black currant berries from the neighbor to start a black currant plant. They are higher in nutrients and I like them better. Just haven't had the heart to cut this one out since it is so prolific. Not really sure I do yet. Plants have such a hard time surviving in this country that anything that grows well, (I'm not referring to thistle) one hardly has the heart to kill. But even thistle doesn't grow beyond a few feet past people's yards.

Tommorrow, I will just have some antelope pictures for you as I travel along listening to ,

"Are we there yet?"

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