Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bison On The Plains

Some of you will remember that we have two bison herds near town and today as I had all the kids home sick, we took an indirect route to the corrals by way of the buffalo since they were on the gravel road across the highway from town.

No matter how many times I see them, I thank the Lord for how blessed I am to have such a wonderful view. One where the buffalo, deer, and the antelope roam free. Well, kind of free for the pastures are huge and the owners have learned you either open the gates as the buffalo migrate through or they open them themselves. This is the same ranch we saw seven head of elk last summer. Twenty miles in two different directions from us we are sometimes able to see elk grazing on the plains.

I could never, ever, be a city girl.

For it is sites like these that renews my soul and gives me peace.That's why I love to photograph so much. I just wish I had more lenses.More knowledge of what I was doing for there is so much more I want to capture. And my skills are so inadequate in capturing the grandier of these beasts. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


This is one of the bulls just before he picked a fight with the one below.

And in the back seat our youngest was yelling, I can't see.
So I lifted her out of her car seat so she could see better and that ended my photographing. But what better thing to do on a snowy, cold April day when your feeling sick than to bundle up and go and look at the bison, the antelope, and check on baby goats. It just has to make you feel better. Photos of the antelope and kid goats are yet to come.

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