Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yes, she is adorable but note those horns a growing. Yikes! we didn't get them dehorned last weekend because Kirk was sick in bed and it take two to do the job. This weekend we will be building fence for the yaks coming the beginning of May and dehorning. Oh yeah, and manure hauling and ..... and..... You know how it is come springtime. Springtime by the calendar anyway, not the weather.
 Here Cheyenne is again and I want you to take a good look at those unusual marking. The sprinkling of brown that makes her distinctive. I rather like it.
 Here is Doc and I think he will soon be an it. Not a buck. Probably this weekend. Ouch...!!!
 Then there is Florence as in Florence Nightingale. I can't decide which doe is better, Cheyenne or Florence. They look like two peas in a pod except for their coloring. Last year it was an easy decision. Contessa of course over Katarina. It still is an easy pick. I'm anxious to see what Contessa has. She and Katarina are due next week.  

Here's Florence again and if you are wondering how I can tell her from Doc, it is because her brown is much deeper in color and she has long ears. Doc's only come just past his nose. A no, no in Nubians. That roman nose and long ears are their biggest trademark.

The grand kids haven't gotten around them much since it has been so cold. It is probably a good thing because they make them a bit wild and I want tame doelings.
The other night when I went down to do chores, I spied three Turkey Vultures sitting in our neighbors tree. I've never seen any in town. What they were after, I don't know but the three of them hung around for a while and now there gone. We see them sixty miles north of here pretty often but not this far south as much. Maybe it is just me that hasn't seen them, I don't know but I have seen them in flocks of twenty or more circling the skies looking for food. We do have quite a few eagles around though, Bald and Golden.
They winter around here and take a few lambs for supper come spring. Nothing something that endears them to the local ranchers.
I'll try and be all wise and wonderful tomorrow but things have piled up around here and I'm scrabbling to get caught up. I've started rototilling the garden and I don't know how I'll fit all my plans into such a small space. Right now I'd better get all that butter I bought on sale in the freezer. Your probably like me scouring the store advertisers each week trying to find sales on items you use frequently. Got to go.

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