Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I took a picture to remind me what my kitchen can look like. Not that it is going to look like this for the next couple months but to remind me of what it will return to. Hopefully better since I've STILL curtains to make and pictures to get developed and up on the walls. Remodeling goes so slow when there is so much else needing done and because it needs done when the kids aren't here and everything else is waiting for those few moments too.

  It isn't that I don't love a clean house, it's that my restless mind isn't content to do just house cleaning a...nd I've three little girls to help me mess it up. Especially the youngest who at the end of a meal has more food on the floor than in her stomach.
That isn't the worst of it. Nope, yesterday she used the contents of her diaper to paint her horse, Blue Biscuits head. I've spared you and I didn't take pictures. I must say I wasn't surprised because her sister once used some marshmallows to sponge paint with the contents of hers onto her dresser. Nope, my house won't look this good again any time soon.  
 Not until this two of the three little kid goats find a new home. And not until the two other goats have their kids. Hopefully tomorrow when the temperatures are suppose to warm up  and before it snows again which is fore casted for Friday.
And not while I've plants in the basement and living room destined for the garden that need to be watered and frequently transplanted. These are two of the Siberian tomatoes. I've three that I'm hoping to be eating tomatoes off of by July. Then I have some smaller tomatoes that I started much later that are Washington Cherries which have tomatoes that are quite a bit larger than the usual cherry tomatoes. They will ripen next and then my Saucy and Roma tomatoes last. If they stick to the plan.  
Can you believe how much our youngest grandchild has grown? Yup, this is her a year ago helping with my plants. She knows just what to do with the spray bottle. Each season brings a change in chores. Something to look forward to as you leave behind chores that have grown old and tiresome like stoking the wood/coal stove. Grr... it is still burning to keep us warm.

 How could you live in the city doing the same thing day after day? I love the rhythm that living close to nature brings as the season roll by. Your chores change giving you anticipation. I can't wait to put my plants in the garden and watch it grow. Then when fall comes, I can't wait to put it to bed for the winter.

It's kind of like changing your clothes. I love fall when I pull out my sweaters and then in the spring, I can't wait to pull on a pair of Capri's and sandals. My wardrobe changes little, especially since I hate to shop, but within its confines are comforts - my favorite sweater or my favorite Capri's, and anticipation as I wait to wear them. Right now, I'm tired of Muck boots, my heavy coats, warm gloves, and wool hats. I want sunshine that warms my face and even turns my arms a light pink. Come Fall, I'll be wanting pumpkin pie from our garden's harvest and anticipating the first snow.

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