Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who Me?

Who Me? Yes, you. You who makes my life so interesting and insists that I practice my cleaning skills throughout the day. You who is teething and needs lots of cuddle time.
Oh how I love you!!!

Yes, this little love bug is at the age of discovery. She's testing to see what happens if she does this or that. When I handed her a fourth a cup of chocolate milk the other day and turned my back to do dishes - she began to finger paint with it, creating a wonderful landscape scene. She was so cute with her tongue hanging out concentrating, I couldn't scold. I just rushed to get the camera snapping a few shots and then asked her if she was done."I done Mam-ma.", she replied and grinning pointed out the splatters on the nearby wall and the chocolate milk that had dripped off on to the floor. You'd think Mam-ma would be brighter after raising three children but Mam-ma still forgets. Like the other morn when I left the sugar and cereal out while I made a dash into the next room to comb the hair of our two older grandchildren. Time was a ticking and we'd only a few minutes left before we had to leave for the school. Our youngest was a slow poke and so I'd left her in the kitchen alone to finish a hastily made breakfast. Yup, that's sugar adding sparkle to our youngest's hair and clothes. Of course she'd spread sugar all over the counter it was sitting on and it spread onto the floor below. Note the top of a chair in this picture. They are such handy things aren't they? LOL
When I came upon this disastrous scene our cutey pie held up her hands for me to see and declared, "Sticky!!"
Minus sticky hands, that's just how we had to dash off to school or be late.

Of course this little episode was after she'd spread her bowl of milk and cereal all over the table and floor. Now exactly how long does this stage last? Maybe it won't be as long as I remember. I've forgotten so many other things like keeping everything put up and away from little equisitive minds. I know she's just learning what will happen IF... and as a Grandma I'm slow to anger and instead shake my head, scold myself for leaving things in her reach, and run for the camera. I've got to have evidence to show my hubby what his youngest was up to today.

Then I ask our cute little bug what she's discovered. What I want to learn though is how to detect the sound of a chair being moved across the floor. How does she do it? We have wood and tile flooring and still she can get a big wooden chair all the way across the room and I don't hear it. Yet, I swear I can almost detect a pin being dropped on the other side of our home. Not that our home is very big but STILL. Her skills are amazing.

Then there is little miss dress up and her zillion sets of clothes she's tried on. Note the socks, their mine. For a week she insisted on wearing my sock. What a hoot. Yup, this Grandma's days are full indeed. So if you are wondering why I often have only one heavily researched topic a week, know that it's because it takes me four to eight hours to create that blog post. And though I'd really love to go hip hopping around to visit other folks blogs, especially right now I don't get to peek very often. If you are a follower, then I make it a point to go into your bog every couple months at least and scan a few posts. I enjoy seeing what you are doing but with spring upon me, I've not been getting that done well. Hopefully, I'll get a chance but right now I've three little ones who's world just got tipped upside down again, our grown children, plants for our garden growing in the basement, livestock which are mutiplying, a knife business, and we are remodeling our home inside and out. Whew!!! just like you I'm buried under busy.

I've decided I'll never get the seven new blogs I'm suppose to visit and the seven things I'm suppose to tell you that you don't already know about me done. But I do want to thank Jillian for granting me a Stylish Blogger award. It is flattering that she thought of me. so head on over and visit her at --- http://jillianjordan.blogspot.com/2011/03/award.html
Meanwhile I've got to go, little bug is taking a quick nap and my kitchen is a mess. Yup, I'd better get it cleaned up before she discovers something else to transform into an art progect. Stay tuned because Chicory has just got to go today. I've been up off and on all night checking her. If she doesn't hurry I swear those kids are going to simply fall out her back end she's so tipped in her hips and she's a sinking in in the flanks

Have a wonderful day!!!

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