Friday, April 29, 2011

Old Man Winter Take a Nap!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, that is snow blowing by the Canadian goose.
 And no, these photos were not taken last winter but TODAY. Yup, it's snowing again. We either wake up to snow or frost and we are tired, tired, tired, of it.
 But really, how can one complain when so much of the country is struggling with the aftermath of tornadoes.
 It makes our troubles seem so miniscule in comparison.

I can envision the destruction for a tornado plowed through our little town six years or so ago. Vivid memories linger of the devastation wrought. It is unbelievable what a tornado can do.

Ninety homes were destroyed and many of the inhabitants of our little town of 1200 souls were left with psychological scars. The damage wasn't reserved for those who lost their homes. Others also felt overwhelming feelings of vulnerability. Many children were afraid to go to sleep at night and to be away from their parents.  We were faced with how easily we could be left without wordly goods.   There were those who never did findrecognizable peices of their home or possesions.

I helped out at town hall for a month, ahead of the lost and found. What I discovered was that what most people missed the most was what they couldn't replace. How can you recapture your child's first birthday or his graduation day from high school? It was an emotional month as I watched people with tears streaming down their faces as they found a photograph or two they thought was lost forever.  

Our oldest daughter and I were allowed in to photograph the destruction. It was unbelievable!!! So many more were affected this week and my heart goes out to those suffering. 

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