Friday, June 3, 2011

Cat Fights

 The biggest cat fights are the ones between our youngest grand daughter and anyone else who even remotely professes to have claims on HER cat, Reginald. She's even willing to unsheathe her claws in defence of her claim to ownership.

Ever since she first came to live with us, way last April, she began climbing onto our antique spindle bed and squashing, I mean loving on the Reggie as he cat naps.
And off and on throughout the day she goes and has a conversation with him, sometimes inviting him to play with her toys. But he usually declines the offer, purrs but rarely moves despite occasionally being in the clutches of a dog, famous though he is.  Probably thinks he can whip him and he just might. Reggie never backs down from much and I suspect he may have encounters with the other kind (  sh..., you know, dogs) for he occasionally comes home pretty beat up. Though it is pretty nice to be able to hold him and have a dog come up and the most he'll ever do is give the Clint Eastwood stare. You know the one, "Make my day!"
But despite the sometimes rather rough two year old treatment, Reggie loves our grand daughter about as much as she loves him and goes looking for her if she hasn't stopped by often enough during her playtime. You can't see it but he's purring in this picture. Yup, we have a bonifide animal lover in this little tyke for she truly loves her goats, her chicks, and her kitty for the first thing each morning she tells her mother that she has to go to grandmas to visit with them.  

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