Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paco- Vicunas

Those eyes... they draw you in to their deep dark pools and mesmerized you. Llamas are interesting but alpacas and paco- vicunas are entrancing.  

But what is a paco- vicuna your wondering? Well, they are a cross between an alpaca and a vicuna (which is a wild llama from Chili, Argentina, and Bolivia). The vicuna does not handle captivity well hence, the crossing of the closely related alpaca. This gives better adaptability along with the luxuriant fiber qualities of the vicunas.

This gentlemen, with a South American accent, works for Switzer-land Farms out of Estes Park, CO where they raise these doe like eyed animals. This is a group hug prompted by the girls. We were invited to come and visit their ranch and I hope to make the trip with Kirk sometime this summer. They are a fascinating animal. I've always wanted an alpaca. We've had lots of llamas that people wanted to give us but not an alpaca. Alas, llamas don't interest me. I'm not even fond of spinning the fiber of a llama but alpaca wool is one of my favorite fibers. This interesting

These are also paco-vicunas but the side profiled animal is a Vicuna /Suri cross. The one on the left a Vicuna/ Huacaya cross. Note the difference in their wool. That is because there are two different types of alpacas, the Suri and the Huacaya. The longs silky locks are Suri and a Huacaya has a puffy look because their hair stands out on all ends. The Huacaya is the most common and world-wide makes up 98% of alpacas with Suri only 2%. So it is a good thing I like the looks of a Huacaya over a Suri because they are way out of budget range.

Now I've put off rototilling the last section of the garden long enough and I've got to go out and get it done before the rain starts. Wheww... get this done and I will finally have my garden planted. If I hadn't of had to spend so many hours pulling grass this wouldn't of taken so long and I wouldn't feel like something the cat drug in.

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