Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Have Been Sequestered

By opening this blog, you have here by been sequestered before Rexroat's high court as a jury member in a case of abuse.
No, you can't get out of it and don't give me any of those mamsy pamsy excuses. You popped into this blog with the intent of reading it and thereby you have the time and means necessary to pronounce judgement upon this case.

Besides, I think it is clad tight. In part, because would any self respecting chicken go around looking like this if they didn't have to?
Self respecting chickens that is, that are not molting and are thereby fulfilling their duty to the best of their ability by laying eggs. I'm only bringing this case before you, all knowledgeable ones, in case there is the slimmest of chances that I'm wrong, that these four fully feathered hens did not do the dirty deed. That they did not torture seven - one year old hens by pulling out a feather or two at a time with their beaks (Ouch!) until they look like they are running around in their red winter underwear. 

So I ask you ladies and gentlemen, are these four - two year old, fully feathered hens guilty of abuse?   

What shall be their punishment? I'm leaning towards - off with their heads. No, I have not be reading Alice In Wonderland to the grand daughters.
 I did just processed eleven Cornish chickens for the freezer yesterday, since we've skipped the eighties F. and gone to the nineties and I feared the Cornish chickens won't survive. As you can see, they were plenty big enough, making it time for these meat birds to  journey where they will remain nice and cold. 

Possibly, the memory of how much easier chores were to do this morning with out them ,has me thinking in that direction. So jury-- this is the moment to vote. Are these four - two year old hens guilty of torture and do they deserve the death penalty? 

I need each and every one of your votes so if you have trouble commenting on this blog, please fill free to e-mail me your verdict to hollyrexroat@gmail.com. I'll be anxiously awaiting their fate.

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