Monday, June 13, 2011

An F. & F. Weekend

My oldest daughter and I had an F. & F. weekend. No sillies, I don't say such notty words. I'm talking about a food and fiber weekend. We stuffed it cram full from five in the morning to eleven at night and by Sunday afternoon I thought we were going to drop from exhaustion.
 I went Friday to Estes Park, CO for a spinning class and a fiber showWe just had to go back Saturday after visiting with Jason and his yaks. Yes, I cornered livestock owners from those raising Paco Vacuna's like the one above,
Angora to goat owners, ( angora and cashmere)

and yaks.
The yaks I yaked about the most of course since it was what I needed the most information on at this time. I was invited to come back and go to a ranch with 168 Paco Vicuna and Alpacas for I just didn't have the time to fit everything in though it pained me greatly. 

I did get to watch this little cute, a couple week old yak calf as he frolicked about his mother in the pasture.

But I can't stay and talk. I 've got to go.  My husband insists I travel to the airport to pick him up. Silly man went to Georgia when he could have been basking in luxury of exotic fibers and animals. So don't go too far away. I'll be back to tell all tomorrow. Well, maybe not all as there is just too much to show and tell.  Meanwhile, enjoy the photos and know the whole scoop is soon to come.

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