Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yakking About Yaks

 One of the reasons I went to Colorado last weekend was to yak about yaks. At home every time I step inside Jasmine and Gracie's pen it was like visiting a foreign land without knowing the language. All that head shaking left me wondering if they were saying, " I'd sure like to hook up with you." (meaning that literally), then proceed to rip my arm off or if they were just saying, " Howdy do."  with a head shake instead of a hand shake -- I mean hoof.

So Toni, our oldest daughter, and I early Saturday morning meandered the back roads of Berthoud, CO in search of yaks and Jason. We found him and his herd of four cows and one bull at the end of a pretty country lane. We yakked for over an hour about grooming, worming fly powders, and the like all the while wondered about in the pasture with his four cows and their two offspring. It was perfect, as I got to see the two cows shake their heads when uncomfortable and shake and lower them in a mildly threatening manner when they thought their calves might me in danger and Jason's reaction to such behavior. 

Then there was waddling Matilda. Okay, her name really wasn't Matilda but I have to call her something so pretend with me because I can't remember her actual name? Poor girl, she was well, to put it politely, cranky. Many of you might remember what it felt like when you were eight and a half months pregnant. A few of you might me there yourselves. But unlike you, she's due any day and wishing that calf would quit kicking her insides and pounding on her bladder and get itself outside where rough housing really belongs.   

A big thanks to Jason for his hospitality and giving a great boost in confidence in handling Gracie and Jasmine. I can already see improvement in our relationship. You can take a trip with your computer and visit Jason and his yaks at -- http://www.gillettefarms.com/yaks.html

The day before, I bent Jim and Eilleen's ears for over and hour. I meant that figuratively not literally as Jim is a good six foot five or so and I'd of had to jump to reach his. He was super gracious in giving me his time when he was conducting business selling yarn at the fiber fair. We talked about raising yaks, and the yak fiber industry. It was fascinating to hear about how they import yak wool from Tibet, then have it dyed and spun. Jim and Eilleen are the owners of Bijou Basin yarn company. They offer a selection of yarns that leave you thinking you surely must of landed in heaven for yak wool is often compared to cashmere in luxury and I'd have to agree. 

Look at these two skeins I bought. The warm autumn colors have me dreaming of fall leaves and so.... soft to the touch. These skeins are being produced and will soon befor sale. This is a pre-production run but if you want to place an order, feel free to go to their web-site and Jim said they'd ship as soon as it is available.  Be sure and check out their other selection of colors and fiber combinations. The alpaca/yak blend is awesome to the touch.  Visit them at: http://www.bijoubasinranch.com/BBR_YPfiber.htm

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