Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Callies's Of Course

 I want to talk about Broccoli and breeding goats when they are seven months old but I'm due at the library with the munchkins and then swimming lessons so stay tuned, I'll get right back to you. Meanwhile, enjoy the kitten photos.
 They are Callies's of course because of all the many colors meaning a mutitude of fathers. Yup, that's our queen. She's none too picky when the males come calling. I'm just surprised there isn't a black or black and white one with a male tom that has been hanging around. There isn't even a gray one. What's up with that. Percy must not be in favor. Of course Sue, yes, Sue did his job because of there's a ginger colored one.  
 She presently has them in a stack of tires in the hay shed. It keeps them corraled since I don't think they can see too well. Look at those milky eyes.  
And I know they can't walk but still are crawling. They do like to play though.

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