Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whining Broccoli

You probably think I've lost my mind and I'd tell you that I never had it but I swear my broccoli has been whining.
Excuses after excuses such as "When I was a seedling it was too cold!" 

 "It's too hot now and I'm stressed."

"My roots were wet when I was little." And the results of all this complaining is that the broccoli that I put in the garden in early June has open flowerettes and small heads. Yes, I know all these factors can cause this result but couldnt' they be the exception?
Grrr.... doing a garden in this soil and climate is such a challenge. Despite the early broccoli's sorry appearance, I'm cutting off their heads and going to blanch them for the freezer. Hopefully, they will produce better looking side shoots. Then I'll use these uglies chopped up so their looks won't be so noticeable in soufles and soups.
Some of those that were put into the garden a week or two later show promise and though their heads too are small yet, they might come out looking alright.

What a guessing game it is to plant a garden. Don't put things in soon enough and your crop doesn't develop and too soon and they don't develop correctly.

It is the reason I'm sold on the idea of several plantings two weeks apart in different parts of the garden. The spacing of time puts you in a different window of development when opposing weather strikes. A different part of the garden means the nutrients won't be the same and maybe one of the spots the crops will really thrive. 

Yup, next year I'm going to expound on the idea even further.  

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