Monday, July 18, 2011

The Same But Different

 Is it because I've a lousy memory or is it because I just didn't notice? These are the same flowers that have bloomed in my yard for the last five years or so. No, maybe it is ten years. See, I've no memory. I know I got these flowers from the Lewis's yard when Pam lived just a few houses away and they moved years ago. So the point is these flowers have been in my yard for years and yet each year, I study them with renewed interest.

I wish I could tell you what kind they were. I can't. I can tell you that they spread like crazy but their delightful yellow daisy like flowers makes it worth it for me to pluck out all the up shoots. Scroll back up and study the center of the flower. Note the difference in the amount of tiny little flowers that are open. Yes, this is a composite flower or in other words lots of tiny flowers within a flower. The one on the bottom right's flowers are just starting to open, the middle one half complete and the one on the upper left is nearly done.
 Every one of these tiny flowers within the center must be pollinated. 

 This flower has just three open on the far right. Note the interesting swirl pattern to the buds before opening and how flat the center is. My eyes are entranced by the pattern that radiates from the center. I feel like I should say something really profound if I could only think of it. LOL 
 Watching the change keeps me entertained. Yes, I know I'm easily occupied. I never tire of Mother Natures wonders.
 What has caught my attention and has caused some alarm is the lack of bugs this year. No, not aphids as they hit the plum trees with a vengeance. They seem to be all death thankfully. What I'm referring to is the almost complete lack of bees. No sweat bees, very few Bumble bees, nothing. A year ago these flowers were crowded, almost standing room only with bugs eager to do their part of the pollinating tasks. This year, nawda, zilch, almost nobody is doing the job. Yes, this is a photograph from last year.
Not even the dreaded, pesky grasshoppers have made an appearance. (I don't miss them.) I doubt they pollinate anyway. On purpose anyway. But someone has to pollinate my garden and flowers. I can't imagine doing the job myself. So far someone is getting the job done for I've squash and peas growing but who. I just don't hardly see anyone at the task. How do I know the job is getting done? Well, the flowers would just fall off without any fruit being formed. Oh how I wish we lived in the country where I could have my bees permenently situated in my backyard. I then wouldn't worry.
What I haven't noticed before is the amount of flies busy pollinating. Who would of thunk these pesky, dirty things would be so helpful? I detest them and yet, here they are doing me a favor.  Perhaps, the Lord did have a purpose for these creatures, beyond just annoying me and I'd better rethink my prejudism towards them. Good thing he's in charge of this old world and not me.

I'm curious, are you also seeing a large decline of bugs in your yard too? If so, what's up?

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