Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Want a Walt Disney Ending.

I've always loved fairy tales. No, not the ones about Princesses, except Cinderella. In that story there was a dog, a cat, and pretty cool mice. LOL The simple minded princesses who worry about their frills and fluff bore me to no end. These are the ones my grand daughters, especially the middle one, love to watch on DVD and have me read about. And because I love them, the girls, silly, not the stories, I Cowboy Up, as we say around here, and I read them even though it is a bit of torture for me. 

Today, as I strolled through the garden, it was clear a fairy tale had transpired during the night.  No, not the Walt Disney kind that ends happily ever after but the old fashion kind. The kind that was meant to teach little children a lesson and sometimes scare the pee waudden out of them.  

This is one of those tales. It is the story of Goldilocks And The Three Bears. Mind you that MY Goldilocks is not blond haired and wearing a cute little yellow dress. How do I know? Well, Goldilocks wasn't wearing any shoes and she left prints in the garden.   
 She tip toed over to the cabbage and declared this one too hard,
 This one tasted better, but still..., too soft.
 And this one was just right and she ate it all gone. Grrr....!!!

 Though I didn't catch a glimpse of her, I know what Goldilocks looks like. She is a soft brown with black shiny hooves and she appears in the dark of the night. She visits my garden every year and her tastes are predictable. She loves the strawberry plants. The ones I've been fertilizing faithfully and trying to establish a new bed with.

She loves the bean plants, and when the squash are big enough, she loves to nibble a little on this one and then on that one too.

But the worst part of the my fairy tale is that, horrors of all horrors, Goldilocks is early this year, several weeks early. I'm not ready for Goldilocks and I've just started to get produce from my garden.

But what should I expect? The buck Pronghorn are already gathering does into a harem as if it were fall already. And, the buck dairy goats are bu...bu... and the does a flagging their tails with enthusiasm, "Here I am. Pick me." because they are already in heat. Yup, things have been fast forwarded this year. The deer have come back to town.

What does that mean for fall and winter? I'm growing uneasy and I'm afraid for my garden and my winters stores I glean from it.

"What ever will I do I wonder? I know. I'll put on my white hat, that's what."

 "What?", you say. Don't you remember that in the old black and white western movies, the good guy always wear a white hat and the bad guys a black one. That's so you knew the difference between good and evil. Well, if this good guy wants something to eat this winter, she had better go outside to get the electric fence up before she heads out tomorrow on the father and daughters camping trip.

No, I'm not willing to share. Call me stingy but I believe faithfully in the fairy tale about the Little Red Hen and I believe that you reap what you sow and if you don't sow, you don't get to reap the benefits.

I also don't want to be the cricket that fiddles away his days and doesn't get his food storage in for the winter and nearly starves. 

Yes, Mother, I was listening when you read the stories at my bedside and yes, I have learned to share -- a little bit-- but not with the deer. As far as I'm concerned, the good Lord provided plenty of grass this year for them and they can just go and reap that harvest and leave my garden (that I wheel barrowed two stock trucks of manure on to and... sowed and... weeded and...watered, and now want to harvest) alone. 

Besides Mother, the deer didn't ask me for nothing, so they are stealing and you made me take that candy bar back to the store and beg for forgiveness. Then I had to earn the money that it cost because you had to pay for it since I had already nibbled on it. 

Yes, I'm hoping for a Walt Disney ending for me and that I teach the deer a lesson and scare the pee waudden out of them with my solar electric fence.

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