Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blueberry Jam

 One thing I can do with Mom and my step-dad here is make jelly. It just happens that I'm a little low on jars so I've made rose pedal jelly, and with the food organization, Bountiful Baskets that I buy from, there has been a good deal on strawberries, blackberries, and now blueberries.  

I've always wanted to make blueberry jam. Yee haw, I get to cross one more thing off my Want To Do list. Of course I'll just add two things to replace the one I've done but oh well.

I searched the Internet for a low sugar recipe and found one using Sure-Jell, my favorite pectin. What got me really excited about this recipe was I didn't have to juice the blueberries. I was afraid if I did that I wouldn't end up with nearly as much jam for my dollars spent. It turned out I was able to make two batches. One like the recipe called for and one with 3/4 a cup less sugar.

The first thing the recipe said to do was briefly blend 6 1/2 cups blueberries. It looked pretty awful and I began to wonder what I was doing.

 Then as it cooked it began to turn.
 It doesn't look too purplely but still a whole lot prettier than after blended.
I turn my jelly jars upside down for a while after filling them. Is that what you do?   I haven't tried any of the jam yet.  Mom is in love with the sugery kind and I think I'll like the less sugar one.

I think blueberry jelly on pancakes sounds especially good. Wish our soil was acid enough to grow our own blueberry plants. Alas, our soil doesn't grow anything but grass well.  I guess I'll just have to savor these few jars.

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