Friday, June 1, 2012

Tyrying Times

With frost almost every night for the past couple weeks, enough you had to scrape your car windows., I think the  Wall Of Waters above and the home-made tomato cages I made out of cow panels fared about the same.

The other discovery I made this past week is how much better strawberry and blackberry jam taste made with fresh berries versus frozen. So if you have a choice, choose fresh.

As for what else have I been up to well, I'm still trying to get my garden in, dehorned again tonight, and yesterday some friends and I gave the yaks a thorough grooming. Cut off all the hanging winter fuzz, combed them and trimmed the length of their hair. The cuts were a bit jagged but still they looked a whole lot better than they did before. I of course wormed them and Roger trimmed their hooves while I held them up. I'm in love with my sweet Jasmine. Gracie on the other hand will not stay after we have a replacement. When that will be I'm not sure.

I've got plans to make Deviled ham and goat milk soap but I've been pushing my body to the brink already so that will have to wait until hopefully, next week.

If I seldom write in the next few weeks, please stick with me, I'm doing my best. My folks are both in really bad shape, one just had a partial foot amputation, the other has Dementia and I'm headed out tomorrow to relieve my sister at the hospital and take them home to my house. We kids are scrambling trying to find a path that isn't closed to them. The outlook keeps looking grimmer and grimmer as one catastrophe after another takes place.

After what I've experienced in the past month, may I give you a little advice. Enjoy life but take it seriously. When you make a choice, look wa....y down the road to where it leads, not just a few years ahead. That includes where you live, what you eat, and how you spend your money or how much you save. You may not like where you end up if you don't. I can see Kirk and I need to take a hard look at our life choices too. 

In my folk's situation, they are refusing to stare at the cold hard truth. It's ugly but avoidance will lead to more direr consequences and I pray that their pride softens before that happens. Pride goeth before the fall the scriptures tell us. I just pray they don't fall too far before they except the few choices left to them.  

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