Friday, June 22, 2012

Milk, Tomatoes, and Summertime Fun

 What do you do when you have old goat milk?  Mix it with lots of water and pour it on the tomato plants of course. The reason for all the extra milk is of course the lack of time to create buttermilk and butter. What between caring for three munchkins and Grandma Great and Grandpa Great too there isn't a spare moment. But "waste not want not" still applies to the best of my ability. Last year I added old milk to the mulch pile but not directly to the garden so this year I'm giving it a try.

Gary, a friend of Kirk's, says he puts 1 teaspoon of powdered milk in the soil around his tomatoes every year when he plants them. The farmer on the Internet from whom I got this idea of using excess milk on the garden, uses gallons and gallons from his dairy on his fields along with some other nutrient. Wish I could remember which one it is.

Don't have either of these on hand, I'd guess that if powdered milk works, store bought liquid milk should too.  Anyone given it a try?
 As for the rest of the day toady, it was filled with meals and entertainment. The smaller fry thought a tent created with the willow tree would be cool. Not that temperature had anything to do with it. They just wanted to pretend to camp out with their play microwave. LOL The old blanket was too short and even the blue tarp. Yes, Grandma has cut all the lower branches to keep from getting coal cocked when she mows the lawn and now we don't have anything that touches the ground when slung up.
 They still thought they should anchor the tarp's ends as that is just what you would do if you had a real tent.
Then when the late night of sitting on the sleeping bags on the living room floor playing Crazy Eights and Go Fish had caught up with them this wee one gave up and fell fast asleep on Papa's chest.

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