Tuesday, June 12, 2012

 Aren't they cute? They are the newest arrivals at the corrals.
 Just a couple days old. Their momma, who will turn one this summer, tucked them inside this piece to a farrowing crate. Pretty smart spot I thought. Then of course their momma is out of old Sue. Sue as in our going on nine year old TOM cat who lost one of his legs when he was just a couple years old and in his wild feral days. He has calmed down a whole heaping bunch since then.

He's smart and tough and my favorite barn cat and the oldest. I've been waiting for years for one of his kittens to survive. Of course I'm not positive one hasn't as the only way I can tell for sure one is his is it looks like him. This little momma is his spitting image except for the gender of course and I hope she makes it a number of years.
 And the other little coming year old female had these three kittens a few weeks ago in the hay shed. She lets me love on them and I move them from time to time as I use up hay bales but she doesn't seem to mind. My mom loved holding these precious little bundles.

This is the barn cat gang minus the first kitten's momma and Purrcy, a cantankerous grey male who limps. The calico licking the male gray and white cat lost her kittens this spring and the black female in the lower right hand corner had all five of her kittens disappear when they were of the age to run about. We'll never know the fate of them as is the story with so many. The thing that puzzles me is where is the elusive Siamese male who shows up now and then to spread his royal jelly. I've yet to catch of glimpse of him.
Meanwhile, I'll continue fighting off Chicory so the cats can get their share of her milk.

Though she'd drink it all if she had her choice. Sometimes I let her. It is just a good thing she can't reach back and suck from the tap. LOL

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