Monday, October 29, 2012

Butterflied Chicken

 Butterfly cuts on chicken breasts is a great way to slim down those chunky pieces allowing them to cook quicker. It makes me think I'm getting more meat because the size is larger. Oh I know it's not true but it fools my brain into thinking I'm getting more and that means I don't reach for another piece.  
 It is a great first move before pounding. I don't know about you but my pounded chicken breasts look like moosh if I don't first butterfly them. You simply cut horizontally halfway through the meat.
But  leave just a tiny bit of meat not sliced in the center and then you can pound it or simply cook.
That is what I did tonight. I rolled the butterflied chicken breast in a combination of dried bread crumbs, dried onions, basil, flour,  and dried Parmesan cheese. Not in order according to amounts. Next time you serve chicken breasts give it a try. 

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