Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Christmas Gift Idea

 Have you got kids or grand kids. I've got an idea for you for Christmas. This would make a great family gift or one for the small children of a family. We spend hours in the winter playing card games with the munchkins. Popcorn, juice, and cards and the smiles just keep coming. Sometimes we use a game as a reward for  quickly getting ready for bed and picking up their toys.

But anytime the cards come out the smile are turned on. We don't care who wins, we are too busy laughing. Rules are just suggestions for which imagination and adventure can twist and turn at will.
Our 3 year old here volunteers fish to help her sisters to fill out their hands. Discourage it. Of course not. We wouldn't miss for the world the way she lights up when she offers a fish. It is one of the special sweet things about this child we hope never changes.
 So if you are looking for ideas, how about card holders, card games and if you want to add popcorn and candy I'm sure it would make an awesome gift basket. It is also a great stocking stuffer.
I highly recommend this particular brand of card holder. The ones we bought three years ago have held up excellently and the handles are perfect for small hands. Our grand daughters wouldn't play without them. I'm going to be looking for another holder as we have another grand daughter. Just six months old but she has to have one too for when she is just a year older. That's when our three year old grand daughter began playing with Papa as her guide.

The card holders sell around $5.00 dollars a piece making it inexpensive. A tip on buying card games is to look for the ones that are bold, with simple pictures on the front. Even our youngest can describe the fish if she doesn't know what it is. The pokey fish or the Nemo fish etc. And their favorite games are Go Fish and Crazy Eights.

If there is a choice between board games or cards, cards win out almost every  time. I love them because they take up far less room in the closet.

Another awesome gift is dress up clothes. This is a great time of year to pick up costumes at the second hand store to collect and box up for Christmas. Add some jewelry, shoes, and you've got hours of winter fun. Yup, it's time to think about Christmas.

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