Friday, October 5, 2012

Hunting Lists

Whoa, in all the rush of the week, I didn't realize I hadn't blogged past Tuesday. Katy bar the door though because hubby is leaving next week to go elk hunting and boy do I have plans, organize the freezers, sew, sew, sew, knit, make meals for the freezer, clean the chicken coop, and my mare's shed and pen. If the weather warms, I might even get the filthy windows clean. Four months of construction on the street out front will dirty, dirty windows make. 

I'm sure it is far more than I'll ever really get done but hey, a girl can dream. Whew!, my chronic fatigue that I've had a horrible time with lately, had better step aside. I've got plans and yes, there will be lots to write about and some more time to do it.

But for today, I've got to cook to get some food ready for our son and hubby to take up on the mountain. The perfect day to do so since it is snowing outside and brrr... cold. Old man winter has shouldered his way in and flipped the switch. I hope Fall fights his way back at least on occasion. Though in this country, he wears pocket protectors and doesn't know what a bar bell is. Yup, we have two seasons, winter and summer.

I did something really smart years back and I'm still thanking myself. It wasn't originally my idea as I followed the advice of a friend but at least I was smart enough to be led. If you have a hubby or maybe you that likes to hunt or if you go camping lots, you've really got to do this. My wise friend who had six kids and one income had to carefully budget everything. Hunting had it's own bank account and money was set aside for it all year for the big family elk hunt in the fall. A pre-made master list makes preparation far easier.

I didn't use her list but made one up of my own since no two families are the same. My guys do things more basic than many others. We actually have two lists. One is comprised of a basic menu and snack ideas for which to shop and cook from. The other is a list of items to pack.

This way I feel more comfortable sending my guys to an area where the last 7 miles by four-wheel drive takes an hour. Not someplace you want stuck when a bad storm comes in without enough supplies. These well orchestrated trips beat the hunting trip I went on with my step-dad where we had to get really creative because of the cazillions things we forgot.

 The thing that made it different was the easy access road allowing a greater safety level.  It will always be memorable for Ferny, his horse. After a hike into heavily downed timber, we stopped and ate on a rock. My step-dad held his sandwich to the side as he reach for something else in his pack and Ferny plucked it from his hand. He chopped down discovering the healthy helping of Miracle Whip. His eyes grew large and his Morgan head began shaking side to side spraying the white clumps in all directions.

Though being unprepared can give you lots of funny memories, it can also risk your life so if you don't have a list, make one. You, like me, will thank yourself time and time again for. 
As for this morning's antelope hunt, Kirk went out in the hills near town and came home empty handed. Where were the antelope? In our yard of course, where they couldn't be touched.  There was even a really nice buck that missed getting photographed because my camera battery went dead.

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