Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Prep For Future Plans to Make Lotion

Did you catch that? Mamma Bear has spoken. You can blanch whole onions, slice and dry them and it works great.

 In the past, I've always just sliced my storage onions that were starting to sprout and dried them because their were too many to use up quickly. Now I'm going to have to try blanching them. Thanks for the tip Mamma Bear. And in answer to her question. This blog is coming to you from Wyoming and our elevation is 5000 on this prairie land. Since we are in the wide open spaces, our growing season is just a brief 90 days. Some of you live near the mountains at higher elevations but are sheltered by the extremes in temperatures that our exposure leaves us. And if you are south, that lends a change in climate also.

Now for what I'm up to, I've taken some Calundela flowers and steeped them in olive oil. It is at the end of season for them but I did get enough to make a small batch three times. Calundela flowers are soothing to the skin and because of this I think they would be great in lotion and chap stick. Two things I'm going to make this winter.

Do I know how? No, but I'm going to learn. It is one of my goals. I saw where you could steep the flowers in oil and I had thought I would include olive oil in my mixes anyway.  

When am I going to do this? Sometime this winter when things slow down a bit.

Why? because it is one of the basics, especially when you have as dry a skin as I do and live in a dry, dry climate. It is one of the things on my mental list, no, not bucket list. A Bucket List is things a person wants to do before they die. My mental list is for things I think I will need to know how to do to live self-sufficiently.

Listening to the ag news, things going on in the government and our economic problems leads me to believe that there are some very tough times ahead before things get turned around.

So if you have some great advice or a awesome recipe for chap stick and lotion, please share.

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