Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Treats

What's beyond exhausted? This had been a very long day but look at those smiles that greeted me this Halloween morning.

You moms know just how tiring holidays are with small children. This one has been a all out marathon. This morning was storytime at the library.
Wednesday mornings are always storytime but this day I took my bippity boppety blue, fairy with me.
She doesn't get too far from me. That's okay, everyone needs a good fairy to watch over them. And that little red ball on the black little head is an antennae of a six month old lady bug, our youngest. Pretty hard to get a photograph when she is always in your arms. 
This afternoon was the school parties. A dear friend came to my rescue and helped me haul in two trays of treats, drinks, and costumes while my lady bug hitched a ride and my fairy trailed along behind.  
My daughter really out did herself today on the school treats. These were a Big hit. Rice Krispie treats made into pumpkin shapes. The orange cast was achieved with orange die and the stems are tootsie rolls with frosting as leaves.  You could even use these for November since pumpkins are in style yet for another month.

I love Pinterest for ideas. I occasionally scan through it and save things like this that can be used for fun holiday treats.

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