Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Saint Lucias Day

As I looked for the goat caroling pictures I found this photo and took a trip down memory lane.

Having Swedish ancestors, our family celebrated Saint Lucias Day. Kalob is suppose to be the star boy but we improvised and the oldest, Toni was to wear a white dress and have a wreath with lit candles on her head - I don't think so. Instead we improvised and had Josie carry a battery operated lantern, that way all the children could participate. And instead of just serving their Dad in bed, we all piled on to have breakfast with him. Kirk isn't Swedish and insisted we alter the traditional menu to include eggs. Each year brought its own changes but we kept the spirit of this special holiday.

Today is once again Saint Lucias Day but it is also church so with my husband needing to go to a meeting an hour early ... and livestock chores to do... once again we'll improvise and have French toast that most of which will be fixed the night before -Alton Brown's way- but our thoughts will still be on this joyous Swedish occasion.

What countries traditions do you celebrate?

For Christmas when our children were young, we often chose a foreign countries to learn about their traditions and incorporated the activities and foods. One year we did Mexico and Kirk and I built a pinata. It was a sorry looking duck and the kids took turns bashing on that thing for what seemed like an eternity without it breaking. Finally someone knocked its head off. Too many layers we deduced.

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