Thursday, December 3, 2009

Refrigerator Art

I don't know what's on your refrigerator but mine holds a love letter from my oldest grand daughter, a self-portrait, and drawings of various members of our family. Throughout the thirty years of our marriage that's what has always decorated our fridge. First it was our own three children's artwork, and then the neighbor's little ones took up the task, and now our grand children and kids from church decorate it.

No cute magnets for me -

for they can't c
ompare to the artistry of children.

(Kite flying last summer)
Don't you think this drawing is the exact replica of our cute grand daughter. Wait, all you get to see is the backside of her. Sorry, I'm following her mother's orders and not showing facial shots on this blog. But just so you know, she is cuter than a button. Where did that saying come from? Of course she's cuter than a button.

What really makes me laugh about her self-portrait is the mouth full of teeth. When Kirk questioned her about the picture she said she didn't want to look like her baby sister so she added LOTS of teeth. Her eleven month old sister at present is toothless. No worry, it's a family tradition. Their mother and I didn't get our first tooth until we were eleven months old and neither have our little grand daughters.

Oh yeah, don't miss the nose. I love it!!! It's one right out of the barnyard. Hint: oink, oink.

The baby on the left must be her little sister though she's past this stage; the next one is Goofy- that must be me; then there's Loopy - I think that's her mom; and the straight haired beauty has got to be her Aunt Toni - we'd better keep an eye on her I think she's taken up drinking, look at that nose; and last I believe is her three year old sister.

Note the smiles on everyone's faces. These portraits were drawn on Thanksgiving Day. We did have a lovely time.

And though this note's words are hidden in a rolling wave of code, I know what it says, "I love you Grandma!", repeated over and over just to remind me. But how can I forget when this precious little grand daughter whispers them to me at least once each day. That's why I love cell phones. When mom's in the shower or their bored, who they going to call - Grandma. Yup, I'm on speed dial and typically get at least one phone call from the girls a day. Yesterday, our three year old grand child called to tell me about her boo boo she got from the couch.

Yes, life is indeed rich.

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