Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm Back! Yeah!

I'm back!!! Oh, how I missed blogging. We dropped off the computer in Spearfish, South Dakota and then a snow storm burried the town. I think they said they recieved over thirty inches of snow fall and with the wind blowing, I-90 to Spearfish was closed for several days. I'm a big chicken and won't travel on icy or snowy roads if I don't have to despite the fact I am a Wyomingite. Maybe, it is because of the fifty years of harrowing experiences on Wyoming's roads that prompted the healthy respect. If your curious read about my adventure just trying to get across town to take my husband to his work bus stop last winter.
Making gingerbread cookies for Santa. Our midddle daughter told me years ago that Christmas was not a passive noun but an active verb, otherwise it's boring. Since then, I've tried extra hard to fill it full of meaningful activites. Christmas Eve, with the wind howling outside and the snow swirling in drifts, that meant indoor activites.
And am I ever glad we waited, for as we meandered through the walls of snow trying to peer over the tops to find a bright blue house it was a bit nerve wracking, especially the intersections. You could see a four wheel drive truck but a car was pretty iffy. So we cautiously slid into the intersections hoping there wasn't anyone coming. I wished I'd driven our four-wheel drive truck instead of the car but I'd chosen the gas economy of a four hour trip in a fuel efficient car versus a diesel truck.
Toni brought home these cool crayon markers for glass and everyone (but me - since I'm taking pictures) went around the house drawing on the windows.

The little grand daughters love the large area to draw on.
When we spotted the little bright blue house of Jon's, there was no place to park. There were several others picking up their computers also so we stopped in the middle of the road. Then I couldn't find the emergency flasher button on the car. Ever resourceful, Toni grabbed the car manual out of the glove box and did a quick search. Another reason I wished I'd driven the pickup as it is my usual mode of trasportation as Kirk drives the car.

Most importantly we got out the children's nativity set and acted out the sacred story of Jesus Christ's birth.

But it was worth the trip as it feels so good to have the computer home. I can't believe how many times I became curious about something and went to look up the answer on the computer and then remembered it was in Spearfish. That's when I realized just how big a information junkie I am.

I did read a fatastic book on gardening we bought at a health food store when we dropped the computer off and I'll share some tid bits from it next week but for now we had a wonderful week filled with family and I want to share a few of the things we did. Then later this week I'll begin some informational blogs on the many different things I've been studying. One major one is gardening as it is time to get those seeds ordered if you haven't already. Most of mine are already here. And I've some serious changes for our garden in the planning stages. I've also got lots of new goat things I've studied. My how I've missed this blog and conversing with you. Not to mention reading what's happening in your world on your blogs. But if I don't be quiet I'll never get all those pictures off my cameras and on to the computer for up coming blogs.

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