Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Through a Macro Lens

(Image of our Olive tree taken two weeks ago)

Doesn't look like a toilet paper core used for crochet or knitting does it? I'm getting to that.
I've been putting off some honey do projects that my husband needs of me and they have to be done while he's home to guide and assist. That's now so I'll make a good dent on those and tonight I'll work on the toilet paper crochet and knitting project.

In the meantime, I thought you might like these new photos. Most were taken yesterday with a great deal of patience while my fingers about froze off. Our camera gets to decide what it will focus on and takes a year and a day to do so. I swear it has Attention Deficit as it focused on the car behind the cherry tree, the branch three over from the one I wanted to shoot, the next one and finally the one I want but not in the spot I want. Communication is a major issue with it calling the shots. But hallelujah a new camera should be arriving today. Then I'll have to learn how to use it but at least it comes with instructions. The one we have did not yet is very complex, slow, limiting, and utterally frustrating to use. I told my husband when he wanted to buy it on e-bay it wouldn't do what I needed. He bought it anyway sure that when I got it I'd change my mind. - I used it a few times -hated it- and the for three years, maybe it was four, he had to pay someone else to do the higher end photographs for his knives.) Then I broke down this summer missing photography too much to let the camera stop me. Hubby witnessed over and over the limiting frustrations and the other day invested in more than I could of ever hoped for. The new camera set should arrive today, yeah!!! I can hardly wait. I hope you like the photography blogs cause if you don't speak up now and voice your opinion, you'll be suffering more than usual.

It was in the low single digits and snowing when I took these pictures.

The neighbors Rose hips
She barely knows who I am and she may not have recognized me bundled in my wool hat, heavy coat, snow boots, and Swiss army wool pants, when she came driving out of her yard. When she spotted me with my camera aimed toward her house at this rose bush on the edge of her property, she gave me a, "What are you doing?", look.

I just gave her a friendly wave, the one that says," I'm not doing anything wrong." I've perfected that reassuring gesture as my behavior is often deemed out of the ordinary by others.

The fact she'll probably be telling her friends, "Do you know what that strange women up the street was doing the other day?", doesn't bother me. I'm use to it but if you see her you might give her the thumbs up on the innocence of my activities. I'd hate for her to call the cops on me. Then again if they are a local cop, I know all of them. No, it isn't what your thinking. I just often happen to be in the vicinity of something of question. Okay, maybe that didn't come out right. For example, two days ago one came by to ask me if I'd seen any usual activity since the neighbors vehicle had been broken in to.

The shriveled apple is from our newly discovered crab apple tree. Once a regular apple tree (It think it was a MacIntosh) stood in its place and the deer shredded it with their horns and it died down to the ground. When a new tree sprouted from the roots we figured it would be a crab apple tree since we'd heard apple trees were usually grafted onto crab apple trees. We've been waiting for years to find out if we were right since trees grow extremely slow in this part of Wyoming. This is one of the handful of crabs it produced this summer.

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