Monday, December 7, 2009

On a Roll

Yup, your seeing it right. Toilet paper rolls. Our family has come up with a myriad of ways to use them beyond wiping our nose and our ..... Shall I say tush? ( Pronounced as in push.) That's what our grand daughters call it.

We recycle when possible. For those of you who's mind has drifted off course, get back here. No, we're not recycling the toilet PAPER but the cardboard roll. And in case you see me digging through the bathroom trash - beware, it isn't for some used gum like in the case of our three year old grand daughter, What a pistol she is - it's for the invaluable cardboard cores.

Whew! I almost strayed way off course. The doc took me off all my thyroid medications in order to run tests in a week. My brain wasn't doing well on them let alone without them. So I'm counting on you to keep an eye on me, will yuh? There I go getting lost again. Oh yeah, we were talking about my forages through the garbage.

It was for these invaluable little cardboard rolls. They have so many uses -

to control the cord on your curling iron...

your hair dryer...

and the small extension cords that come in so handy at Christmas time.

And, then there is the small banners like this Trick or Treat one or smaller sections of crepe paper rolls that need a neat way to roll them up.

Don't stop there but head on into the kitchen and use them to control your kitchen appliance cords.

If you think they look a little ratty with a little toilet paper hanging off them, then cover them. You can use pretty fabric and lace or some colorful contact paper but don't make them rigid because there give and flexibility is part of what makes them work so great. As for me, I'm just not a fancy type of gal. I like the fact that I can use them and abuse them. Then throw them away and dig in the bathroom trash for another.

When our children were small, they put two together and taped them to make a pretend pair of binoculars. A paper towel cardboard center became a telescope. Our son made lots of scopes for his home-made hunting guns. One rifle was made from the cardboard center of a wrapping paper roll and it had a paper towel core on top for a scope. Then way back when I was little, I arts and craftied a totem pole with one. Thinking of that, how about using a toilet paper core for the body of a scarecrow or just letting your children or grandchildren loose with a stack of them and see what they come up with. Your sure to be surprised.

But I'm not going to stop there. By Wednesday night, I'll show you how to use a toilet paper cardboard core to help you with your knitting and crocheting and then I'll photograph how I use toilet paper to make a quilt. No, it won't just be to wipe the blood from a poked finger -or two -or three. Though I have had to do that a number of times.

Then I promise by Friday I'll of found those goat caroling pictures I promised to share with you. Meanwhile, does anyone else have a great idea on how to use toilet paper beyond the obvious and the toilet paper cardboard core.

And before I forget. Pudge's eye is looking much better but still red so the doctoring continues.

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