Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chaos in the Food Storage Room

There was complete chaos in the food storage room and since I'm nearing the finish line of canning. I decided it was time to put the room in order. Besides, I'm out of jars and a cleaning will show me what jars need to be emptied and fed to the chickens and thus freeing up a few jars to complete my canning.
To fit everything on my shelves, I have to use boxes. This allows some of the jars to be stacked two, high.
Also this putting the room in order allows me to know what vegetables I need to use sparingly and what I need to use a lot of like green beans. Having some extra of each vegetable is important for we never know what will do well in the garden and what won't.
Remember the sweet corn that wasn't real sweet? When it received more water it sweetened up the corn. A good thing to put in my gardening book when I start one. Had to add that before I forgot to tell you what I discovered.
And now with the room in order, my daughter can come and help herself, supplementing her food budget.
Plus, I have a good idea on what items I need to look for as case lots sales are plentiful in the fall at the grocery store. Mandarin oranges for instance are a biggy with the kids and I must start looking for chocolate chips in bulk. Kirk believes that chocolate is one of the main food groups.
And if you think the room still looks a bit messy. It is. You can't put that much food into that small a room and have it any other way. But at least the floor is clear and I know where last years jars of pumpkin are. Being able to find things is what storage is all about. Beauty is just sometimes a luxery. Right now, I just want all this food storage to be done so I can start quilting. Winter will be here before we know it and I'm real short of bed covers.

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