Friday, September 3, 2010

Kitty, Kitty

Yup it's that time again for the Brenda Photo Challenge and the theme is Essay. My choice is Kitty Kitty and our youngest grand daughter's love of our cat, Reginald. He is such a tolerant soul.
"Oh, how I love my kitty!" is written in the eyes of our grand daughter.

Her big sister tries to teach her to be more gentle and how cats like to be stroked.But, our youngest thinks cats must love hugs best because that's just what she loves most. Since she's learning all about the parts of the body it's fun to discover that cats have the some of the same features too.
Ears Nose
and Eyes.
Not sticking around to find out what else he had in common with this minature human, Reginald took off for the basement to hide. Feel free to pop on over to Brenda's Photo Challenge yourself and see what other have been up to.

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