Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Done - Hardly

Without the kids here on Monday and Tuesday, I was able to get quite a bit done on my menu planning.
But am I done, hardly. I did get some roll dough made, raised, and frozen to bake at another time. And some cinnamon roll dough made, raised, and frozen also.
Life wouldn't be complete without biscuit dough cut into acorn and leaf shapes. It is October after all and that is the cookie cutters for this coming month. The individual biscuits freeze well and I can pop as many as I need into the oven. It adds a little fun to the meal and I know when the dough was frozen by the cookie cutter shape. If you've a dessert and a bread in the freezer, it makes any meal a special meal. Unexpected guests think your psychic and knew they were coming when you throw together a quick soup, toss in biscuits or rolls to bake, and thaw a dessert.
But before I could be able to really glance at recipes to choose from I had to do a quick reorganization of the recipes into categories. They'd become a bit muddled.
Breads have me a bit perplexed at how exactly I plan on using the recipes. It's pretty easy when oatmeal bread is on the menu for breakfast with scrambled eggs and peaches but how about all those other recipes for everyday bread I want to try. My goal is sometime here fairly soon to be making most of the bread we eat. I did that once some time ago but alas, I lost my way back into the easy weasy store bought but inferior loaves. My husbands test came back that he needs more fiber. I've bran and flax seed all ready to combine into some hearty rye and wheat loaves but I need to get organized enough to actually try recipes out and find the ones we love.
When I read the caption on my Main Dishes header I thought once more how much I need to learn to enjoy this time in our lives where we are taking such an active role in raising our grand daughters. One never knows the future and how many years we'll have this opportunity to be of such influence in their lives.
Then when I was deciding what to fix for the month of October I went back to the Monday is soup day and Wednesday is chunk of meat day. You know, beef cutlets, pork chops etc. Some of you probably have meatless night but not around here. My hubby's tests came back again that he is low in protein. Hard to believe with all the meat he eats. We love dried beans cooked up too. And I was careful to make sure we had chicken, beef, pork, turkey, and fish included. One night was Mexican or Italian night. Crock pot night is great for Friday nights if you've teenagers and sports. This narrows down the selection and makes it easier to make choices. I included lots of new recipes to try this month. Next month I want to feature lots of pumpkin and squash recipes.
I've still have the quick breads and muffins to get made for the month, along with cookies for lunches.
I'd love to move from there to some meals in the freezer and I hope to make a double batch of a few of the things I whip up this month so they'll be handy for really tough scheduled days or when the kids are sick.
Even if they don't come down with a bug for a long while, there are lots of vaccinations that they are behind on and it has been my experience that our family reacts adversely to shots. That's why our children and grand children have waited until six months to start them. That gives time for the nervous system to more completely develop lowering greatly the number of big reactions to the vaccines. Our babies and grand babies have been blessed so far to not to be in day care and exposed to lots of germs at an early age eliminating the great need to be vaccinated at an early age. But, our daughter has fallen far behind in getting her children vaccinated thus, grandma will be visiting the public health nurse frequently over the course of the next year to get the kids caught up. That means lots of days the kids will be rather cranky.

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