Friday, November 26, 2010


There will be a bleep in my postings or would it be more correct to say there has been a bleep in my postings. I have home-made yogurt to blog about. I'm so excited, I found out how to make it thick, a problem I had with goat milk before. And and... many other things to share but the kids have been sick, there was Thanksgiving, and I just got word tonight that my mom fell and broke her hip. Not a minor thing when you have severe osteoporosis and are just about to turn 81. She will have surgery in the morning so I'll head out early for the five and a half hour trip over the mountain to the base of the next set of mountains. The ones that house Jelly Stone Park. Never heard of it. Well, some folks call it Yellowstone Park but for us who fondly remember Yogy Bear and Boo Boo, the cartoon characters, it will always be Jelly Stone. I'll think of you while I sit in the hospital room knitting away on my double thick mittens. I just might finish them, who knows. They are sure to help the nerves that always accompany such stressful situations.

I'll be back on Sunday night as the little ones will be waiting for Grandma to take care of them once more. Hopefully, I'll get a post off Monday. Beware, I just might resemble a yo yo for a while as I dash back and forth between caring for our small grand kids and my mother. Life is full of challenges at this midlife stage. Wish sometimes I had a lap top computer. Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and I'll be back soon.

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