Sunday, November 14, 2010

Longing For Home

It's the middle of the night and I'm sitting here at the motel's computer trying to breathe. Oh how I miss our unpolluted Wyoming air. If you had any doubt, NO!, I'm am not a good city girl. I dislike clothes shopping and if I thought my daughters would let me get away with it I'd buy five of the same style of shirt only in different colors and five pairs of Wrangler jeans and call my wardrobe complete as long as I had lots of sweatshirts and sweaters. But wait, that is what is sitting in my closet. The rest of the clothes seldom get worn but then I don't have very many clothes, period. In fact, my husband has more clothes than I do. Now how strange is that?

So while my chest heaves and each breathe becomes precious as my asthma flares up from city smog, one of my very few irritants that sets off my allergy induced asthma, know that this country girl is longing and dreaming of what she'll do when she gets back home. We'll leave early from the show today, in fact, I'm sure we'll leave very early and hit the road. This crowd isn't the type to buy Kirk's master level knives. That's okay, their just folks like us with pocket books that don't reach to the level of artistry that my dear hubbies skills have achieved.

I've done a little spinning while at the show and I'm going to start those double layered mittens today while we travel the long hours home. A real must is a conference with my hubby to create a Christmas shopping list. I can't believe how close the holidays are. I haven't a clue what I'm going to give as gifts. Usually I'm well on my way to ready by now but this year has really turned us on our heads.

But of course what I'll really be thinking about is the new experiments I want to try. That sweet corn I ground into corn meal is still sitting in the refrigerator and I found a new sourdough bread recipe in a magazine I picked up to read as my hubby drove here. It is a must to try. Two other recipes made their way into my kitchen aid mixer this past week and they were good but not quite what I'm looking for. They weren't much different than regular bread with sourdough starter added in. Now I've seen how those turn out I'm wanting the old artisan style back again. The ones that sit on the counter or refrigerator overnight and the flours have a chance to develop and impart flavor to the loaf. You know me, just one recipe is never enough and so I must journey beyond the one given to me years ago when I was gifted with a over hundred year old start that a miner had begun from the humble potatoe.

It was a simple white flour recipe and I'm wanting to delve deeply into rye, wheat, and other whole grain breads. Those heavy flours really change what you need to do to develop the lift in your breads. There is just so much to learn and try and so little time.

Morning just isn't coming fast enough, maybe I'll snuggle up and read a book for a while. Good night and know I'm thinking of you and longing for the simple life once more and of course some cuddle time with our precious grand daughters.

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