Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunrise and Alfredo Sauce

We may not have much for trees but the wide open prairie doesn't obscure nature's fireworks. And the last couple of mornings I've been out in my pajamas for all the neighborhood to see shooting photographs of the awe inspiring skies as the sun creeps over the horizon.
It has helped sooth this troubled soul. My Autism and Addison's disease have raised their ugly heads and panic attacks have reined supreme but with steady doses of knitting, photographing and the like, I've managed to temper the edge off and I may yet survive this coming week. LOL. ?
Tomorrow, I hope to show you what I've done to an old mitten pattern by changing the way I do the thumb. Winter weather is to come in with a roar this evening and the skies tomorrow are to be filled with snow flakes. Those mittens I've been knitting are sure to be needed. I've almost got two pairs done.
But for now, I'm going to report on the Alfredo sauce I froze in ice cube trays and small containers.
This is a package of commercial Bertolli's. I found it quite bland but the concepts of the frozen cooked noodles, the frozen vegetables, and sliced cubes of Alfredo sauce sent me into one of my "Anything they can do, I can do better." moods. You will recall I told you about making the sauce and freezing it. This time I cooked it up. Well, part of it anyway.
Lest you think it was all home-made, it wasn't. I admit, I didn't make the noodles but used store Pennes because the grand kids don't like my home-made noodle versions and I had some left over from a meal I had made for them. Another time I'll use my own home-made. The vegetables were a package of frozen stir fry kind from the store that happened to be on sale for a great price and since this was a do it in a hurry meal and I didn't have a pre-mixed package of my own from my garden and wasn't willing to dig through my full freezer for a little bit of this and a little bit of that from a number of different vegetable bags of my own it did nicely. Wow, that was a sentece.
Sunday night was one of those Autism is screaming nearly out of control and my body is giving out moments. I figured survival was more important than sticking to all home-made.
But, note to myself --- Next year mix up some of my own mixtures of vegetables for just this kind of dish.
Along with the vegetables, noodles, and frozen Alfredo sauce, I tossed in some left over turkey YUMMY!!
Kirk did say, that next time I needed to put in more Alfredo sauce. So a note to you is put way more in than you think you need.
All the foods are put in the fry pan together and it can't get more simpler than that.
Tomorrow, I'll show you Sunday's firey sky but right now we are off to the school to teach kindergartners about Mammoths and Walrus of long ago.

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