Friday, November 19, 2010

Blue Biscuit

Sometimes a toy comes along that no matter how many years go by it continues to be loved. Such is the plastic horse an older couple handed down to us. It had sat unloved since their oldest grand daughter, now grown, first loved it.

Oh the toy wasn't called Blue Biscuit back then and our grand daughters have no idea who Sea Biscuit is either. You remember him, the famous race horse of long ago. This plastic horse was named after a friend's pony for their kids. The word Blue added to differeniate the two plugs. This grand child could have sure used one of those horses we bounced on till the springs gave out when we were kids for she often crawls astride our old antique rocking chair's arm and tries to ride it at a full run into the sunset.
Too bad they quit making such wonderful toys like this one except in specialty catalogues for a fortune in cost. I can't help but think this horse does more for a child than 3/4 ths of the toys sold at Walmart. If you have any doubt look at this big smile.

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