Monday, December 6, 2010

Decorating For Christmas

Before the kids left for their dad's Saturday morning we had breakfast, drank warm apple cider, and decorated the tree. It just wouldn't be fair if I had all the fun since the kids have had very few Christmas trees of their own and since they are living with us, this tree is theirs too. I did have to apologize that the tree wasn't set up for children. They understood that it had been Grandpa and Grandma's tree before and so I had bought the ornaments I wanted. It was always one of the things I wanted to do when the children were raised, to decorate in an old fashion way - my style, not catering to children. That is why we have been decorating their room. They have plastic pink and purple garland with plastic balls. Two colors I'd never allow in my own Christmas world but they love pink and purple and so they shall have a pink and purple Christmas in their little corner of the world. Tonight, we will make paper chain garland to string around their room. Then I'm thinking we should try making snowflakes. Our middle grand daughter exclaimed as we decorated the tree, " This is going to be the best Christmas ever!" She was so excited, she was almost shaking with joy. It is such a joy to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. Sometimes in the rush to get things done, Scrooge creeps in and I almost say Bah, Humbug.

Then I'm grateful for little children who lead me back and give me a sense of the magic of Christmas.
Our oldest grand daughter insisted the star had to be placed on top before we had very many ornaments. Why not? Other than the lights going on first and the garland, the star could be placed at any old time. The youngest grand child only wanted to place a few ornaments on the tree as the process was too difficult for her tiny fingers. She preferred helping Grandpa in the kitchen making scrambled eggs and toast.
The tree turned out the prettiest yet. Funny how the rows in the garden the kids planted always sprouted best too. The tree skirt is missing. It is a burgundy velvet with pine cones and needles stitched on top. Our cat has declared it too wonderful to stay off of and he sleeps on it leaving white cat hairs behind so until the presents are wrapped and covering the cloth, leaving no room for a large sized cat, I'm not adorning the tree's base.

Tried something new with the yogurt and I'll tell you about it along with how the lemon and mint extracts are doing but for now I'd best clean my room. Can't tell the children to do theirs when Grandma's is a mess.

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