Friday, December 17, 2010

Manicotti With Ice Cube Alfredo Sauce

Manicotti in my own special way. I'll still have to call this one semi-homemade as I didn't make my own noodles or cheese but the twist was rather fun. On the bottom of the pan is some of my Alfredo sauce that I froze in ice cube trays. The Alfredo that I made with goat milk. When it thaws it separates a bit and is slightly runny so I solved that problem by heating up the sauce and adding just a touch of corn starch for thickening. The noodles are the kind that are meant to be baked uncooked. I did put a noodle at a time in boiling water for just a very short time. Just long enough to soften the noodle so I could roll it. One at a time is highly recommended as I found they stick together when they come in contact with each other in the water. See, I told you I was a great teacher and that's only because I can tell you all the things not to do.

The cheese in the manicotti rolls is ricotta which I can make home made but since the store had it on sale and I was in a hurry, I bought some to speed up the supper process. To it I added some already spiced cheese that was of course on a good sale at the store.

As for the sauce, it was a pint of home bottled tomatoes, chunked, and a can of store tomato paste. With a little savory, marjoram, oregano, basil, black pepper, salt, and a touch of sugar it was tasty even without any meat added. In fact I forgot to add the hamburger I'd cooked the night before intended to be added. I froze a batch to have when family comes home during the holidays and I'm too tired to cook. Another dish we like is the Alfredo sauce with home made noodles topped with a cooked chicken breast and the same tomato sauce pooling on the chicken and a bit of Parmesan cheese melting on top. I'm really growing fond of that Alfredo sauce I froze a month ago.

I learned also as I was making butter from four and a half quarts of cream I had frozen from lack of time to make butter that it still whipped up just as high as it would have fresh and it went on from towering peaks to make lovely white butter -using the aid of a snow bank of course. Some of the man power cranking being supplied by our youngest grand daughter. For some reason she loves to turn the crank on the butter churn. Hopefully it is something she never tires of.

It is so goo...d to be back. I missed you all.

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