Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home-made Marshmallow Creme

I'm feeling a might bit guilty. I think it was Christmas time last year when I said someday I'd give you my recipe for marshmallow creme. Um, yeah, well, someday has arrived be it a year later. Forgive me for taking my sweet little time. Sweet - get it? Okay, that was a bit poor.

But as you long time readers know, this has been a whirl wind year full of dramatic changes. When the other day, for a party, I'd made the frosting where you use three egg yolks and cook it with milk and sugar on the stove (You know the one you put on chocolate cake that after the mixture has thickened on the stove you add coconut and nuts - if your kids will let you add nuts.) I had three egg whites left over. Just the right amount to make marshmallow creme. It sat in the refrigerator for a few days and ate on my conscience. " Waste not, want not" nagging at my door. Made especially so since I wanted to make fudge and I'd cheated last year, buying some marshmallow creme from the store. A far inferior product to home-made.

Besides this stuff is so good on hot chocolate, banana split ice cream dessert, or if you are like me, on a spoon. I can not resist it. I know, I know I really shouldn't be sneaking spoonfuls of it from the fridge but I just can't help it. I'm weak. I've made a bargain with myself that if I don't gain any more weight this Christmas, I can have lots of sweets.

For my gift my husband is buying me a weight loss program for Christmas. WAIT, WAIT before you climb all over him about it you must know it brought tears of joy to my eyes. Consider the fact I'm desperate. If you gained weight when you had Addisons Disease which everyone but me has a difficult time keeping weight on AND your thyroid went hyperthyroid last month, after years of hypothyroid, which also caused you to gain lots of weight instead of like everyone else loose it. Then you would be feeling desperate too. My doctor thinks he knows what is cross wired in my system and the cure is a series of shots and a very restricted diet which he has to closely monitor. So ease up on the poor man! He's really a saint.

I've decided the fateful day will be the beginning of February after all who wants to eliminate sweets during the holidays.So until then, I've made a vow with myself. No more weight can be put on but, I will enjoy my sweets until then. So if this blog appears a bit sugary for a while, you'll know why. So today it is marshmallow creme but tomorrow it might be marshmallow popcorn. If another batch of fudge is in your future, even if it doesn't call for marshmallow creme, add a little in anyway. I do. It makes it creamer and oh so much more irresistible.

The fact this is a family favorite is partly due to the fact we all love marshmallows. Our three grand children and their mother being top on that list of fans. If the fan club includes you get out the mixer and go to it. Yes, yes, there is raw egg whites in this recipe. I looked it up and the food experts say that the environment within egg whites is not conducive to growth of bacteria. It is possible but not likely they said that Salmonella will find its way into the egg whites. So go ahead but if you are like me a bit cautious store the marshmallow creme in the refrigerator.

Marshmallow Creme

3 egg whites

2 cups of corn syrup

1/2 teaspoon salt

In large bowl combine egg whites, corn syrup and salt. (I put mine in my Kitchen-aid mixer)

Beat for 10 minutes. (If you are using a mixer similar to mine, it won't take nearly that long on a fairly high speed.)

When the mixture looks thick, really thick and forms stiff peaks then add:

1 Tablespoon vanilla

2 cups powdered sugar

until blended.

Makes 2 quarts.

Now get out the hot chocolate and enjoy!!!

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