Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Get Ready

I'm at the library for story hour for the kids and I popped onto the computer to let you know I will pick up my computer Friday. It's been ready but I couldn't find a babysitter. Five hours in the car so I can pick up the oldest grandchild is not my idea of fun so I'll wait until Friday when the hubby will be home. I know this time of year is very, very busy for everyone.

Though I've been silent, I have been busy and the camera is full of pictures documenting what I've been up to. I can't wait to be visiting with you again. Get ready because I've a new bee book that has me enthrawled and my first heritage seed catalogue arrive. Oh the plans I'm making for spring. But for now I'd best get that holiday shopping done and our youngest's quilt completed before her birthday the first week in January. Why oh why do we have four birthdays in the first week of January? Late Friday I plan on being up and running so check out the blog this weekend. I'll be sure to post.

A big thanks goes to our oldest daughter as she was the one that has kept your comments posted and informed you of my computer crash. Funny, it did the same thing last year. I hope this isn't to become a Christmas tradition.

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